Digital Scrapbooking or computer scrapbooking is done on your computer, either online or offline.

Online scrapbooking is growing in popularity, but has one big disadvantage… You can only work with the materials provided by the server.

Desktop scrapbooking is more flexible, you can ad items from other designers, you can print your project when you want it or send it to a company to be printed…

But whatever option you choose, don’t forget to backup your layouts or scrapkits on a regular basis!

Here’s a list of scrapbooking, photo editing and organizing  programs out there, I have tried several of them and will tell you what I think about them… Please let me know if I missed anything…

* Digi-Scrap with ACDSee 10 Photo ManagerACDSee Photo Editor (editor, desktop, 30 day trial)
* ACDsee 10 (organizer, desktop, 30 day trial)
* Lifetimez (scrapbook, desktop)
* Life Timez (scrapbook, online, 10 day trial)
* Paint Shop Pro (editor, desktop)
* Photomix (scrapbook, desktop, 30 day trial)
* Photofiltre (editor, desktop)
* Photofiltre Studio (editor, desktop, 30 day trial)
* Photoshop (editor, desktop)
* Picaboo (album creator, free)
* Scrapbook Flair Software (scrapbook, free program)
* Scrapbook Max (scrapbook, desktop, 30 day trial)