Digital scrapbooking is creating scrapbook pages with a computer program. This can be done online and offline. I personally prefer to scrap offline with a scrapbook program. But you can also use a photo editing program.

Nowadays most people have a digital camera and take pictures of every occasion, even every day events are captured by camera. So it is no surprise that digital scrapbooking is a growing art form.

All you need are digital photos, a computer program and page kits or embellishments. Many page kits or embellishments are available for free or a small fee on the internet and there are even free scrapbook programs. Digital scrapbooking is available to everyone and so easy… You are able to create a personal & special project with just a few mouse clicks, so what’s stopping you…

Digital Design

Although this site is about scrapbooking, there’s also a section on digital design. How do you start designing your own elements such as papers, eyelets etc. for your own scrapbooks and How do you make a profit of it…

Creative Teams

Many digital designers have creative teams or guest creative teams. These creative teams get to work with their kits for free, all they have to do is promote the kit. I am on several creative teams and was a (guest) creative team member for even more designers. You can view a list of the teams here and the layouts I’ve created.

Are you looking for a creative team position? Most web shops have a board where designers place ads. Just reply to a message and maybe you are lucky to be chosen. Just don’t give up, it can take a while before a designer notices you… Good luck!