Digital Scrapbooker is the personal scrapbook site of Corina Brouwers. Corina started scrapbooking almost 15 years ago, due to the large volumes of supplies and not enough space to store all of it she switched to digital scrapbooking in 2004.

She started scrapbooking with Top Line Creations LifeTimez in 2004 when she was the first independent scrapbookconsultant for that same company. The LifeTimez was an amazing program created by Storyrock inc., but when TLC went out of business the program didn’t get updated anymore so she switched to My Memories Suite also from Storyrock inc. in 2007, the same thing happened with this program. It is outdated so recently she was asked to test the latest version of Storyrock’s scrapbooking software, Polaroid’s My Memories Suite version 2 and has been scrapping with it since.

My Memories Suite is just the best scrapbooking program out there. You don’t need to have any computer skills, you can create beautiful albums with just a few clicks. Selecting photo’s or scrapbookkits was never so easy and the end result is amazing.

Just throw out all those difficult programs such as photoshop or paint shop pro and start scrapping with My Memories Suite just like Corina does. Look at all the layouts on this site to get inspired, that is what this site is for.

Digital Scrapbooker is Corina’s showcase, you can see her latest work right here on this site. Look at the kits she’s worked with…

Corina Brouwers has been on many creative teams, so you might see layouts created with kits by the same designer at this site but also selects freebie kits on a regular bases to show you that you don’t need to spent much money on your hobby!

Anyway, we just hope you’ll get inspired…